23 Sep2023

Weekend Intensive Pottery Glaze Course

23/09/2023-24/09/2023, 10:00 am-4:00 pm
47 Eucumbene Rd, Jindabyne, New South Wales

Weekend Intensive Pottery Glaze Course

This 2-day intensive masterclass will teach you how to make your own glazes. We’ll learn about raw materials, glaze chemistry and understanding glaze formulas. Participants will learn how to mix and test glazes, understand colour and surface quality, learn different glazing application methods and how heat, temperature and firing affect glaze outcomes.

Some areas that will be covered

– What is a glaze

– How to mix a glaze

– How to conduct a simple glaze test (line blend)

– Your own glaze development

Materials: All materials are provided – ceramic test tiles, glaze materials, and firing.

Safety: Please BYO own mask (we won’t be working with fine particulate matter so a P2 face mask should be fine). Closed-toe shoes, sensible clothes, an apron is recommended.

Cost: The cost of the intensive course is $320. Afternoon tea / refreshments are provided.

Skill level: Current and previous students are encouraged to attend. This course is designed to teach ceramic enthusiasts how to make their own glazes, as well as understand the process behind making glazes, in order to elevate their ceramic pieces.

Feldmark Pottery
47 Eucumbene Rd
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Cooma, NSW
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