About Cooma

Set amongst rolling plains, legendary rivers and snow capped peaks, Cooma is the largest town in the Snowy Mountains Region.  Known also as the capital of the Snowy Mountains.

Settlers brought cattle for grazing as early as 1827.  As a result Cooma became popular.  The town was first surveyed in 1849.  A discovery of gold in the 1860’s at Kiandra, and the introduction of snow sports in 1861 resulted in a permanent increase in Cooma’s population.   Furthermore the railway opened in 1889 and by 1900 the town was booming and prosperous.

In 1949 the mighty Snowy Mountains Scheme dramatically changed the character of Cooma.  Because of the influx of many thousands of workers from post war Europe Cooma became a town rich in culture.  Discover the fascinating story of the Snowy Scheme at the Snowy Hydro Discovery Centre.  Or ‘Go to Gaol’ at the NSW Corrective Services Museum.  Be captivated by unique views and vistas on a country drive.  Savour the delights of our coffee shops & restaurants and definitely don’t leave without sampling our very own locally roasted ‘Snowy Mountains Coffee‘ or ‘Snowy Mountain Estate‘ Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

We welcome you to wander, explore, discover and enjoy…

Cooma, NSW
Friday, August 12, 2022
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