17 Dec2023

Restore Your Vitality & Vroom Workshop

17/12/2023, 10:00 am-3:00 pm
99 Commissioner St, Cooma, NSW, 2630

Restore Your Vitality & Vroom Workshop

Want to rediscover your “Vavoom”? Build your energy levels up and get your vibe back?
Our health and wellness is influenced by so many aspects of our Being.
In this beautiful and gentle 5 hour workshop, Nikki teaches about the integration of the various aspects of the body and how imbalance affects many systems within our body including organs, glands, meridians, chakras, muscles, tendons and much more.
We focus on building the healing energy in our hands, as well as clearing “stuff” that doesn’t serve us. We learn a super gentle muscle test to check the integrity of the balance of the body followed by a balancing technique using energy and breath. The learning is completed with a wonderful grounding process which is simply yummy. Plus we learn a super easy process to balance the digestive system.
These beautiful and gentle techniques can be used on family, friends and clients.
$195 pp

Earthsong Wellness Centre
99 Commissioner St
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Cooma, NSW
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