20 Mar2024

Cantabile Chamber Choir

20/03/2024, 7:15 pm-9:00 pm
136 Commissioner Street, Cooma

Cantabile Chamber Choir

Audiences will be uplifted by hearing a suite of beautiful songs presented by the 12-person Cooma chamber choir, Cantabile, accompanied on the piano by Elhannah Houghton – as well as hear a recital of poetry by Sarah Rice and heartwarming songs performed by guest vocalist Emma Griffiths and violinist/violist Julia Clancy, accompanied by Phil Horneman.

The concert is designed especially for those who are isolated at home (e.g. due to illness or disability) – but we need at least 100 people to attend the live concert so that we can do two things: 1, create a vibrant recording for people to watch at a later date, at a time of their choosing and 2, raise enough money to make a very good quality video!

Tickets ($25 and $20 concession) are available online or at the Cooma Fabric Salon (some will be available at the door).

Apologies that we can’t have kids at the concert due to the need for quiet during the performances as this is being recorded

St Paul’s Anglican Church Hall
136 Commissioner Street
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Cooma, NSW
Sunday, April 21, 2024
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