21 Nov2015

Best of Both Worlds Trek

21/11/2015-22/11/2015, All Day
Lake Crackenback Resort and Spa, Crackenback

best of both worlds walk

Best of Both Worlds Trek

Explore ancient glacial lakes and rare scientifically significant alpine peat bogs


Day One

Starting from Australia’s highest village Charlotte Pass you will cross the beautiful Snowy River and Club Lake Creek. Walk in the shade of Mt. Kosciuszko and Carruthers Peak to experience the splendour of Blue Lake, Kosciuszko National Park’s deepest glacial lake. Hewn out of granite by crashing rivers of ice, Blue Lake is 28 m deep and the cliffs behind in the summer and winter months make a striking border around this amazing alpine lake.

Day Two

Depart Charlotte Pass following the Old Summit Road to Rawson’s Pass before reaching the summit of Mt Kosciuszko via the fortified stone shelter, ‘Seamans Hut.’ On return, descend to glacial Lake Cootapatamba via South Kosciuszko Ridge and climb to the high ground of the Ramshead where stacks of granite boulders stand precariously perched. Join the Dead Horse Gap track that winds past the rocky peaks of the southern end of the Main Range and descends through snow gum forests to your pick up point. Keep an eye out for Brumbies.

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