Wild Brumby Distillery

Wild Brumby Distillery

The Wild Brumby story incorporates skiing and schnapps.

Schnapps are native to the European Alps as it is too cold for regular wine production.

Wild Brumby founder Brad Spalding grew up in the fruit belts of NSW and Victoria.  He started as a ski instructor at the age of 15 in the Victorian Ski Fields.  Brad also did some instructing in Austria where he met wife Monika.  Monika’s grandfather had for a long time been distilling schnapps.

Brad found himself enchanted by this rich distilling heritage and dreamt of introducing it to Australia’s Snowy Region.

Germany was where the equipment came from and in 2005 Wild Brumby Distillery opened its doors.


  • Website: https://wildbrumby.com/
  • Address: Wildbrumby Schnapps Distillery, Wollondibby Road, Crackenback NSW, Australia
  • Phone: (02) 64571447