NSW State Correctional Services Gaol Museum

NSW State Correctional Services Gaol Museum

You will find the NSW Correctional Services Gaol Museum in Vale Street right next to the Cooma Gaol.

Learn about the 200 year penal history of incarceration from convict days to the present in NSW Prisons.   There is a collection of displays.  Objects related to punishment and crime such as manacles, leg irons, clothing, weapons and escape devices and other visual documentation.

There are constant additions to the museum collection including a new permanent exhibit ‘Caring for the Incarcerated’ – a history of the NSW prison medical service. 

Members of the public and small groups are all welcome. Bookings for large groups are recommended.

Take the kids, they’ll love it!

Opening Hours : Monday – Saturday 9am to 3pm (subject to staff availability).

Only $2 per person entry, including a guided tour from an inmate or warden if available. 

Gaol Museum Booklet & Website


Cooma, NSW
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