The Snowy Mountains Travellers Rest

The Snowy Mountains Travellers Rest

The Snowy Mountains Travellers Rest is a collaboration of buildings in Pine Valley NSW.   Built in 1861 by Hugh Stewart, the beautiful exterior still shows off the original brickwork supplied by James Hain Cooma Brick Yard.

The Inn was built in the gold rush era and perfectly positioned to attract the gold miners travelling from Cooma to Kiandra.  Since then it has seen many business pursuits including a residence, pioneers museum, craft shop, brewery & restaurant.

In 2018, The Crawford family took advantage of this historical property having always had a passion for old country style.  Since acquiring the property there has been ongoing construction and restorative work.

Collection Reflections was opened in the old shearing shed and displays a range of collectables, old wares, home wares & gifts.  There is also a coffee shop & function room.  The atrium, inn and chapel are currently underway with restoration.

Travellers Rest Heritage Information

Cooma, NSW
Saturday, August 13, 2022
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